Well, we’ve managed to finish up the set of ten Thomas Kinkade puzzles we’ve been working on. We kind of powered through the last five:

There was one last 300 piece in the set (Savannah Romance). I didn’t really love that one as much as the others when we worked on it, because there wasn’t anywhere near as much color to it. The actual painting has a lot mor going on to each side than the setion that made it into the puzzle 🙂

After that came the 500 piece puzzles:

This was a really fun set – we’re kind of sad to have finished them all, but so far we haven’t been able to bring ourselves to actually take any of them apart again, so we’ll have to move on to a different puzzle instead.

There’s actually a christmas puzzle (shocking, I know) we started ages ago and never finished, so that will probably be our next project.

Just for fun, here’s the whole Kinkade set together. If I had to pick a favorite, I think I’d go with Mountain Paradise – even though it was only 300 pieces.

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