I just finished reading The Director by David Ignatius, which was a pretty good read.

The main character of the story, Graham Weber, is the new director of the CIA, charged with modernizing an agency that is widely disliked and distrusted. Not to mention the growing doubts surrounding the agency’s effectiveness in the wake of global intelligence leaks.

Weber is an unconventional choice as Director, and naturally meets a certain amount of resistance. While dealing with this friction in his new role, he quickly finds himself caught in a growing web of consipracy and deception.

If books about spies and hackers investigating and infiltrating one another on a global scale are your thing, then give this one a read 🙂

The ending was a little predictable (this is after all the kind of book you pick up expecting plot twists, which makes it harder to catch a reader off gaurd) but it doesn’t really take shape until the very end, which was kind of nice. The last few chapters are big time page turners, and it all happens pretty fast at the end.

Some spoiler laden thoughts…

One thing I was pretty pleased about was that Ignatius (really cool last name, by the way) skipped the obligatory romantic entanglement between Weber and Dr. Weiss.

It kind of developed a little during the course of the story, and looked like he was going to take it in that direction… but then detoured and just wrapped that into deception and entrapment angle toward the end, and then left it there.

A lot of writers would have felt the need to insert a heart to heart between the two, painting a nice romantic picture to end the story on, but Ignatius let it lie. It’s spy novel, and he kept it a spy novel right to the end.

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