…actually not really, but that’s okay.

My most recent knitting project took the form of a small blanket for Wynnie and Vega (mostly for Vega, but she’s been told she needs to share).

Vega is a snuggler. She wants a lap to sit in at all times, and isn’t likely to give anyone a moment’s peace until she gets it.

In addition, she also loves blankets. She often won’t fully relax until you through a blanket over her head. The problem is that this is true even on a hot summer day when the human she’s sitting on probably doesn’t want to be anywhere near a blanket – even with the AC running.

Solution: tiny blanket to cover Vega, but not me.


Normally, Vega prefers to be under the blanket and Wynnie likes to sleep on top of it. They don’t usually do those things at the same time, but in one of the shots above they wound up stacked on top of one another.

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