Downton Abbey MVP

Lynne and I have finished binge watching Downton Abbey. I’m exhausted.

Before we watched it, I was intrigued by the idea of the show and I wound up enjoying it immensely – much more than I thought I would.

As fans of the show will already know there are about a million things that could be said about it – but one in particular has really stood out to me:

Thomas Barrow.

I won’t say he’s my favorite character – he’s got a little too much of an evil streak for that. I will say that the development of Mr. Barrow’s character over the course of six seasons is superb.

I can’t think of another time that I’ve rooted both for and against a single character. He’s manipulative to the point of being downright evil – pulling strings and hurting the characters around him when he sees potential gain, or even just when he feels bored.

Despite all of that I can’t help but feel awful when things go against him. On several occasions, I found my self laughing when his nefarious plans succeeded (usually because they were so simplistically cunning).

Then, there were other times I’d see Thomas set his sights on another character who really didn’t deserve the trouble he was causing. I’d hate him for it – why was he so awful all the time? Then, half a dozen scenes later in that same episode something would go wrong for him and I felt so bad for him – almost as bad as I did for his previous victim.

If it weren’t so impressive, it would be maddening!

All of this is my way of saying that as an aspiring writer – I can only hope that I one day create a character half as compelling as Thomas Barrow.

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