I love gifs (when pronounced properly). In many situations they can convey an emotion or a reaction in a way that plain words simply don’t match.

Because of this, I’ve collected a lot of my favorite gifs and put them into a safe place so I always have access to them. I’d hate to have them suddenly disappear. That would be tragic.

I opted for a Cloudup stream. Easy to access, upload to, and share from – it’s ideal, really.

And then yesterday happened. I’d just uploaded a new gif, and it was a little too big (damn thing was over 5MB) so I scaled it down and uploaded a new copy. That kind of distorted it, so I fixed that and uploaded again.

Finally I was ready to get rid of those first two extra copies. Can’t have my gif library cluttered with duplicate images now, can I? I’m far too civilized for that.

I deleted the first gif, and wound up not back in the main stream where my gifs are stored, as I expected. Instead I was looking at my Cloudup dashboard. Odd, but I didn’t give it much thought and pulled up the address for the stream so I could get rid of the extra file.

Wait. What?

I tried again. Same thing. Then it dawned on me…


I just deleted the entire stream instead of one extra file.

That was… dozens of gifs. I use the word ‘dozens’ because it hopefully implies a large number while masking the actual total to avoid revealing the startling depths of my overwhelming geekdom.

Gone. Vanished. Lost.

Now – to be clear, this was totally my fault. I wasn’t paying attention – so when Cloudup asked me to confirm that I was deleting an entire stream, I clicked the green button without hesitation. Stupid.

After about two seconds of this…


all I could do was:


I’ll keep laughing while I work on recovering them all (looking back at this post, that’s three down already)…

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