What’s better than decorating your Christmas tree?

Decorating your Christmas tree twice.

Christmas trees don’t last forever. It’s one of those sad things we just have to live with and accept.

This year though, we lost ours really really. Probably my fault. I like to experiment with different ways to prolong the life of our trees, and it appears to have backfired this year.

So, with a little under two weeks till the big day we pulled all the ornaments. Plucked all the tinsel.

We ventured out into the unseasonably warm winter in search of a new tree.

First stop, no luck. Trees were either too tall or too scraggly.

Second stop though. Jackpot.

This thing is a beast. It misses the ceiling by about a quarter of an inch, and it’s easily the widest tree we’ve ever had. It took an extra string and a half of lights to make it to the top.

It’s one of those trees that looks amazing all on its own, even before the lights and ornaments are hung.

You really can’t go wrong when starting with a canvas like that.

So even though it was kind of sad to get rid of our tree early, here’s to Christmas silver linings!

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