Tomorrow is Halloween, and you know what that means, right? CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!

Wait… no? You… you don’t decorate for Christmas on Halloween?

Oh. Well, we do… but we’re a little extreme when it comes to Christmas.

We love it. The lights, the colors, the movies, the delicious treats, and that happy, cozy feeling that the holiday season is all about are just plain awesome.

So we decorate early to enjoy it as much as we can for as long as we can.

Now, this isn’t a slight on Thanksgiving (Halloween on the other hand, I can easily skip). I love me some Turkey Day. Bring on the gravy and cranberry sauce. We just aren’t big Thanksgiving decorators, which begs the question: ‘Why wait?’

We’ve yet to come up with a good answer, so Halloween is official Christmas decorating day at my house.

Lighted garland around the ceiling, candles, ornaments – the works. But the fun part? That’s all the presents.

A few years ago we started saving and wrapping boxes throughout the year. We then spread those fake presents all over the house.

Last year’s count put us at just over 200 fake presents of varying shapes and sizes, and we’ve got some good boxes to add to our collections this year as well 🙂

This time tomorrow, there are going to be presents everywhere.

The only thing missing Sunday morning will be the tree. We have to wait for the tree lots to open up, but rest assured – we’ll be the first people there on Black Friday!

3 thoughts on “Let The Decorating Begin!

  1. I just read this to my wife. She reckons you’re the coolest person she’s ever heard about 🙂

    I think there’s grounds for having you committed, but what do I know?


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